Yahoo Finance crypto trading on iOS app, now showing 100 crypto quotes

YahooYahoo Finance introduces crypto trading

Yahoo Finance has introduced crypto trading and widened its quotes service to now provide customers with prices on 100 crypto assets. The expanded quote service is available across its websites worldwide.

Also, contrary to our report yesterday, a fourth coin is being made available to trade and that is Dogecoin.

Although the website trading service was said to be operating in the US, this was not confirmed yesterday.

Yahoo clarified the position somewhat in a communication, where it said it is the iOS app that now has the crypto trading feature for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dogecoin, at least in the US version.

Users will also be able to link their Coinbase accounts to their Yahoo Finance account and view their portfolio there, thanks to a partnership with TradeIt.

The free financial website has teamed up with CoinDesk for its curated crypto news feed and Cryptocompare for data.

Greeting the news yesterday, Anthony Pompliano, or simply “Pomp” as he is known to many in the industry, sees an important adoption milestone on the adoption front:

“You can now buy bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on Yahoo Finance. The Virus is spreading.”

On the face of it Dogecoin is a surprise inclusion, as is the passing over of Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Cardano.

However, Dogecoin (24th by market cap) does have name recognition, but more importantly 24-hour trading volume of $46 million, which is more than Monero’s (11th) at $37 million.

Dogecoin price is up 22% on hopes for Dogethereum, the community’s project to bring smart contracts to Dogecoin.

While we are on Monero, Satis Group has just released research that it says will see Monero rising to $18,000 in five years. Other findings say steer clear of Ripple’s XRXP and Bitcoin Cash and other bitcoin clones.

Satis reckons bitcoin could hit $96,000 in five years.

Its top takeaway from the report is that the sector is set for huge expansion:

“We estimate the amount of cryptoasset market value needed to support economic activities to expand from $500B next year to $3.6T in 2028.”

Crypto market cap set to rocket

Crypto market cap set to rocket says Satis Group research


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