Latest: bitcoin price charges higher in big crypto bounce

The bitcoin price jumped 8% higher to $3,700 according to crypto compare on strong volume of $21 billion, according to crypto compare.

Looks like the market is unphased by the QuadrigaCX disaster. It is not clear what is driving the market up but volumes have touched $20 billion in the bitcoin market.

Litecoin is 30% higher at $43, jumping into fourth place in the market cap rankings, pushing XRP into fifth place.

Litecoin, back in the day, used to be known as the silver to bitcion gold, but lost a lot of its moemntum in recent months. Now it is back with a bang. Yesterday it roose 10%. The new-found attention is being driven by development activity:

EOS in third place is 16% higher at $2.78 and Ethereum 14% the better on $119.

Bitcoin is now hugging the 50-day moving average.

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