GPU miner rewards (4 Sept 2018): BitTube (TUBE) highest-paying crypto

bittubeBitTube is the highest paying crypto to mine with GPUs this week

Right now 520th-placed coin by market cap BitTube (TUBE) is the highest-earning asset for GPU miner rewards. It beats out Monero, which was topping the table in our last report a week ago.

BitTube is a decentralized video platform –  a sort of YouTube on blockchain. However, this is one where there no ads. Creators and consumers are rewarded for how long they spend watching content. The reward is distributed with the platform’s “airtime” payment model. BitTube is a private blockchain with a proof-of-work consensus system made up of “professional miners” who verify the blocks.

BitTube is suing Google after it delisted its app from the Google Play store.

Larger coins featuring in this week’s GPU miner rewards are Aeon, Bytecoin and Electroneum. Aeon is 13% higher today at $1.12.

TUBE is trading at $0.0610, 5% the worse today.

GPU miners competing for block rewards have been pushed off the bitcoin network by ASIC dominance out of China. Something similar is happening with Ethereum, although there are plans to include ASIC resistance in future software upgrades. Bitcoin Gold was developed as an ASIC resistant coin to get round the dangers of centralisation claimed to be seen on the bitcoin network.

Total crypto market cap is $239 billion as bitcoin rises and altcoins firm.

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GPU miner rewards (24 hours) , 4 September 2018

Coin Ticker $ Coins Vol 24h
Tube TUBE 8.16 130.61 455,862
Monero XMR 7.43 0.05 34,440,255
Stellite XTL 7.23 30389.33 4,179
Graft GRFT 6.93 604.99 14,712
Citadel CTL 6.84 241.57 4,742
Masari MSR 6.65 27.19 3,877
Loki LOKI 5.97 34.94 13,732
Haven XHV 5.95 9.85 18,199
Lethean LTHN 5.57 3795.59 2,170
TurtleCoin TRTL 5.56 161555.55 2,402
Ryo RYO 5.51 44.65 1,393
Bitsum BSM 5.00 24849.44 47,906
Aeon AEON 4.82 4.74 13,025
BBSCoin BBS 3.67 1087197.67 4,422
DigitalNote XDN 1.73 484.64 2,056,655
Dero DERO 0.17 0.48 7,633
Electroneum ETN 0.14 22.71 253,028
Karbo KRB 0.14 0.71 3,161
Newton NCP 0.14 12823.24 5,674
Bytecoin BCN 0.08 30.76 5,972,410


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