Google bitcoin (BTC) searches explode, Coinbase trending on app stores

bitcoin searches on google

Google Trends searches for bitcoin are exploding and Coinbase has started trending on the Apple App Store in a sure sign that interest in crypto is on the rise again.

The Google Trends chart shows a huge uplift for the 12-18th May data point.

The blue line is dashed because “values for this point have partial (incomplete) data available”, but the direction is clear. Searches are at the highest level since March 2018.

Reddit user bearded_djent noticed bitcoin pop up under the trending tab in the app store seventh position just behind YouTube.

Coinbase is trending on the App Store! from CryptoCurrency


At the height of the bull market Coinbase in December 2017 the Coinbase app was number one in a number of geographies.

The screen shot below is from the US store, which is particularly pleasing for crypto followers as this is currently the biggest trading market in the world.

Bitcoin searches on Google exploding

Goggle Trends had until a few days ago not shown any sign of a pick up in searches, but on partial results displayed today that looks set to change.

there had been some discussion last week as why the needle didn’t seem to be moving. This was thought to have been because bitcoin is now pretty much a household name in the advanced economies and beyond.

People likely have at least a rough idea what it is in terms of “digital money” even if they don’t understand the protocol too deeply if at all.

Nevertheless the searches look like they are about to go ballistic, as can be seen below in the Google Trends results for the US and worldwide:

US google trends bitcoin

worldwide google trends bitcoin

Coinbase trending in the Apple App Store is a much better leading indicator and it is interesting that it has started to show up before any movement seen in Google Trends.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $8,050 with altcoins such as Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin starting to shine.

NEM and XLM rocket but not listed on Coinbase

Best performers include 18th placed NEM up 33% at 0.094 and 9th-placed Stellar (XLM) 23% better at $0.1472.

Unfortunately for anyone downloading Coinbase, those top performers are not available.

However, it may be significant that Ethereum Classic is up 16% at $7.99 – it is available on Coinbase.

Those signing up with Coinbase for the first time will have access to Coinbase Pro where more coins can be found, but may newbies will not be aware of this.



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