It’s happy birthday CryptoProfile as community members come out to celebrate

It’s happy birthday CryptoProfile as community members come out to celebrate the success of the Singapore-based information and media crypto portal has just marked its one-year anniversary serving the needs of crypto investors

Based in Singapore, South East Asia’s fast-growing crypto hub, the CryptoProfile website has been serving the needs of those new to the crypto space through providing up to the minute information and analysis.

To celebrate the anniversary, team members and some of the website’s loyal customers gathered at the Taurus Hotel in Singapore to take stock of developments to-date and celebrate its achievements.

By all accounts the event was a great success as you can see from the attendance in the photo below.

So how did it all begin for

Back in 2016 when bitcoin started the year priced at $434 a group of friends with an interest in crypto decided to make their move.

The group invested the $642 it had collected and five months later saw that sum grow to $15,500, a 10x return.

Some in the group lobbied for playing safe by selling out and pocketing the gains.

But luckily for them and the group as a whole, the crypto investment club persevered and did not succumb to the allure of realising profits.

In a volatile trading environment it is tempting to take some gains off the table and is often a prudent course of action. However, in this case it would have meant missing out on more astronomic gains to come, as we shall see.

One month after that fateful decision to remain in the market, the return on investment earned the group a further gain of 22x.

Then came 2017 – the breakout year for bitcoin and crypto more generally.

The closed Whatsapp group members decided to invest some more of their cash.

Again, fiat was turned into crypto and five months later… yes, you guessed it – more stellar returns, this time 15x.

Token sale bonanza

It was also a breakthrough year for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the savvy Whatsapp group had spotted the opportunity.

Funds were channelled into a number of projects, producing an average return of 5x.

Not surprisingly, the Whatsapp group was now full as news spread of the success of our intrepid crypto afficiandos.

A second group was created to cater for the mushrooming demand.

And with demand driven by FOMO (fear of missing out) there was also a pressing need to educate the influx of newbies.

You know what it’s like being the only one who knows what the hell an ICO is, the mechanics of how to contribute to a token sale, how to open an account at a crypto exchange and transfer tokens to an exchange wallet, how to buy and sell at your trading venue of choice, how to then get them off the exchange for securing in a hardware wallet, and so on.

It starts to get very inefficient dealing with one-to-one queries instead of one-to-many relationships.

The answer was to set up a website, so the group leaders set up a company – Infochain Holdings Pte Ltd – to do exactly that.

That’s where the idea for a consumer-facing website for the layperson came from.

Development went full-steam ahead and despite one or two problems with coders the website was launched.

It has gone from strength to strength ever since, providing information data and analysis to private investors that rivals the likes of

One-year later and CryptoProfile it is a thriving community with more than one million registered users.

But it didn’t stop there.

From consumers to business-to-business

Others in the crypto ecosystem were taking notice and the team was soon being approached by ICO projects seeking help with marketing.

In response the company expanded to take on the new work. The rest is history.

Not wanting to keep their success to themselves, the CryptoProfile team decided to share the good news with some of its valued clients by putting on a first anniversary event.

As you can imagine when it came to celebrating the one-year anniversary demand was huge and so attendance had to be by invitation-only.

After registration, the evening began with networking, where attendees could quiz members of the CryptoProfile team as well as swap ideas and contact details etc with others in attendance.

There was also an introduction from the company’s business partners, followed by an update on how it all started and what CryptoProfile has been up to lately on its mission to serve the crypto community.

After providing much food for thought, the actual food was brought out for the 8.30pm dinner and celebration.

Win big in the photo competition

The event also included the announcement of the results of the photo competition that had been conducted online.

The competition was open to all invited attendees and involved posting a selfie to Facebook with the @cryptoprofile tag, copying the message provided, uploading the selfie previously taken at the CryptoProfile photo booth that had been emailed to the competition participant.

To complete the entry, participants checked-in to the event location and then set their newsfeed post to ‘public’ before sharing far and wide.

Once all that was done, the link was uploaded to a Google form to complete the entry.

Now you might wonder why you would want to bother doing all of that, right?

Well, because attendees had the chance of being well-rewarded for doing so, with a prize of 0.1 BTC (US$644) up for grabs.

With the evening drawing to a close at 10pm, attendees were not only fed and watered, as they say, but also able to gain direct insight into how the company evolved and its plans for the future.

Crypto is stabilising after this year’s dramatic pull back.

For members of the CryptoProfile community, they are in the fortunate position of being furnished with the tools and information to enable them to achieve a second year of profitable growth in their investments as the market mature and adoptions grows.

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