Crypto calm but EOS woes see Huobi accused of vote rigging


The market is largely unchanged at 20:30 UTC+1, with bitcoin holding onto support at $6,600 while news of more trouble at EOS sees it lose 3% to trade at $5.6.

Before we get to EOS, prime minister of Malta Joseph Muscat made a splash at the United Nations, telling world leaders that crypto was the future of money.

He would say that, because Malta  – the EU’s smallest nation – has positioned itself as a hub for the industry. Binance is one of many companies to have located some operations there, where a regulatory framework for crypto assets is already in place. The European Union is yet to decide on how to regulate crypto.

Huobi accused of rigging votes on EOS platform

Over at EOS, the voting problems continue, this time with a bit of help from Singapore exchange Huobi it would seem.

This time its is collusion between block producers at the centre of controversy, all revealed in a leaked spreadsheet, or rather a screenshot of it and the various tables therein.

The Huobi  exchanged is accused of being at the centre of the voter collusion and is even alleged to have received payments from other nodes. China-based EOSONE broke the story. The table below was allegedly drawn up by a Huobi employee and is titled: “Huobi Pool Node Account Data 20180911”.

huobieos collusion

The payments alleged received by Huobi (five of the 21 super nodes are thought to be under its control) were detailed in the screenshot below:

huobi eos

The spreadsheet purports to show three payments to Huobi from other block producers

Huobi has denied the allegation that it received payments but has not said the spreadsheet is not authentic.’s big plans, EOSBet traction

There has been some good stuff happening for EOS though. has set up a $1 billion venture capital fund called EOSVC, with Peter Thiel and Jihan Wu of Bitmain early investors.

Also chief executive Brendan Blumer spoke to Bloomberg about  recent resignations and a mystery new dapp.


Also, today EOSBet started accruing dividend for its BET token holders. The company claims it has already made more than $3m worth of EOS in its first five weeks. Dividend distribution starts with the first payment in November.

Best performers 7 days to 30 September 20:30 UTC+1 of top 30 crypto assets.

Rank Name Symbol Price
% ch
23 Bitcoin Gold BTG 25.9 15.51
4 Bitcoin Cash BCH 532 9.08
24 Bytecoin BCN 0.0 8.3
27 Maker MKR 493 3.8
22 OmiseGO OMG 3.7 3.4
30 Decred DCR 39.726 3.04
28 0x ZRX 0.649 2.89
3 XRP XRP 0.582 2.66
20 Dogecoin DOGE 0.006 0.38
21 Zcash ZEC 130 0.1
7 Litecoin LTC 61.0 -0.1
8 Tether USDT 0.998 -0.2
1 Bitcoin BTC 6620 -1.19
15 Eth. Classic ETC 11.317 -1.94
25 Lisk LSK 3.427 -2.19
16 Binance Coin BNB 10.0 -2.51
5 EOS EOS 5.8 -3.02
26 Ontology ONT 2.0 -3.43
14 NEO NEO 18.933 -3.45
17 NEM XEM 0.097 -3.79
2 Ethereum ETH 233 -4.24
9 Cardano ADA 0.085 -4.88
29 Qtum QTUM 3.9 -4.98
10 Monero XMR 116 -5.07
13 TRON TRX 0.022 -5.68
19 VeChain VET 0.013 -6.07
11 IOTA MIOTA 0.566 -7.1
6 Stellar XLM 0.258 -8.28
12 Dash DASH 187 -8.6
18 Tezos XTZ 1.4 -14.51



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