BSV doubles on Craig Wright Bitcoin copyright move but then reality dawns

Bitcoin SV is holding on to a large measure of the gains it made following the news that Dr Craig S Wright had registered the copyright for the bitcoin whitepaper and the source code.

At one stage the price appreciated 130% but is now 70% higher at $109

News of the registration, reported on CoinGeek, the outlet owned by BSV supporter Calvin Ayre, infered that the US Copyright Office had taken a position on the veracity of the claims.

However, English law copyright law says ownership of a work resides with the creator and does not require registration. Anyone can register a copyright without it necessarily meaning they are the owner of the work it refers to.

Registering a copyright would be necessary to defend ownership in court, which is the situation Craig Wright is in where he is accusing Peter McCormack of libel in the UK high court.

Nevertheless, from Wright’s point of view it makes his position stronger in the sense that those who continue to doubt his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto will now have to challenge his US registration.

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