Bitcoin seen more positively by academics and investors shows natural language processing research

Research by Indexica on bitcoin based on natural language processing shows that the leading crypto is maturing and attitudes to it among academics and investors are more positive.

The nature of the debate surrounding the asset has become more sophisticated with signs that it is being taken more seriously as the penny drops that bitcoin is not going away.

The research broke down into six areas: complexity of bitcoin; sentiment of fraud; futurity of bitcoin; complexity of blockchain; sentiments of GDP and other.

In Indexica’s note accompanying the table complexity, sentiment and futurity are defined thus: “Complexity is a measure of the quality of discourse. Sentiment of fraud shows that concerns about the legitimacy of cryptocurrencies are subsiding. Futurity measures the tense of the dialogue.”

indexica bitcoin analysis

In addition to the improved quality of discourse the futurity of debate was seen as a price driver for the first time.

In other words people were talking more about future prospects for bitcoin as opposed to what has gone before. And in that context Indexica infers that the tense of conversation suggests a positive slant.

In comments provided for Bloomberg, chief executive Zal Selbert said: “Think about it, executives will speak of good things they expect to happen on conference calls before they happen. They only mention mistakes afterwards.”

Bitcoin is currently trading at $7,981, according to coinmarketcap.



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