Binance service resumes, whale moves 6,666 bitcoin (BTC) off exchange

Changpeng ZhaoBinance ceo Changpeng-Zhao

Binance is back up and running and the BNB token is again trading above $25.

The world’s largest crypto exchange has been closed since the hack that saw 7,000 BTC disappear from the exchange worth $40 million at the time (a lot more than that now).

Chief executive Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has been very forthcoming with Binance customers, regularly tweeting and even doing a YouTube AMA (ask me anything).

A full service has resumed, with withdrawals “for most tokens” now available.

The exchange’s BNB token has seen a 357% gain this year on the back of a slew of initiatives from the exchange, which includes its move into crowdfundings with its Launchpad platform and the creation of its own blockchain and DEX.

With trading back up and running the price of the BNB is likely to recommence its outperformance among altcoins.

Binance will handle ERC20 BNB conversion to BEP2

CZ announced today that all ERC20 BNB tokens in its hot and cold wallets will be converted to BEP2 (the Binance chain

The cold wallet address is bnb142q467df6jun6rt5u2ar58sp47hm5f9wvz2cvg

And its contents can be viewed on the explorer for the Binance decentralised exchange, available here.

Bitcoin Whale alert

In a presumably unrelated tweet, CZ reported two hours ago that 6,666 BTC (52,492,261) has just been moved off the exchange.

CanYaCoin (CAN) lists on Binance

In other Binance news, CanYaCoin has just been listed on the exchange.

CanYa is a blockchain-based e-commerce platform initially targeted at freelancers and small merchants looking to sell and buy services and has its home base in Australia.

The CAN token jumped 17% on the news, although has fallen back since to $0.0345.

The coin is listed 758th on coinmarketcap with a market cap of $1.7 million

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