Arbitrage alert: in New Zealand bitcoin is priced at $8,700

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As the market starts to move again, so the bitcoin arbitrage opportunities open up.

It has to be said though that the opportunities are not what they were last year. However, that is probably a sign of a maturing market so we should be grateful, sort of.

Traders love volatility and what they love even more is a good arbitrage opportunity.

We provide a selection of exchanges below listed in Asking price order. Top of the heap is WexNZ, the New Zealand exchange where bitcoin is priced at $8,700 for buyers – a huge $2,000 premium.


LakeBTC, the Shanghai-based exchange that does its business globally, is selling bitcoin at $7,261. The Yobit exchange, favoured by day-traders who like to fish for the smallest of coins, also has bitcoin priced at a substantial premium to western markets, at $6,725.

Bitcoin prices at selected exchanges, as at 8 October 2018, 15:41 UTC+1

Exchange Ask Price Bid Price
WEXNZ 8700 8636
LAKEBTC 7261 7261
QUADRIGACX 6900 6725
YOBIT 6725 6709
GATECOIN 6708 6602
BITLISH 6701 6533
EXMO 6700 6689
BITFINEX 6691 6690
XBTCE 6671 6668
LYKKE 6670 6624
COINGI 6667 6628
ANXPRO 6657 6517
COINFLOOR 6654 6613
CEXIO 6639 6636
ITBIT 6637 6635
KRAKEN 6636 6633
GEMINI 6636 6632
COINBASE 6633 6633
BITTREX 6631 6620
QUOINE 6630 6626
BITSTAMP 6627 6627
BITMEX 6627 6626
DSX 6623 6586
BITBAY 6588 6482
LIVECOIN 6579 6566
BITKONAN 6300 6205

You can read our last look at the spread of prices between exchanges, published at the end of August – you can find it here.

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